Cyber's Rating : 1/2

Tohuvabohu is the fifteenth studio album and was released on August 21, 2007. The word tohuvabohu is from the Hebrew phrase "tohu va bohu" which means "without form or void" or "chaos or utter confusion". The song "Superpower" samples from phone calls made by fans to a phone line set up by the band. There was also some controvery about the band altering the orginal artwork for the album such as changing the original red color palette to orange and buildings and cranes in the background being removed and changed into a starburst pattern.

This is a fairly decent album imo even though some of the songs can be a bit repetitive at times. Still a good album regardless, but not the best one to start out on.

Top 3: Looking For Strange, I Am What I Am, Spit or Swallow

Least Favorite: Bumaye