My hair is getting so damn long that I have to start wearing a ponytail when I go to work. I am really not used to it lmao

I hate my aspergers I hate my aspergers I hate my aspergers I hate my aspergers I hate my aspergers

I usually don't say this about anyone, but this an exception. Kaitlin Bennett is really fucking stupid and she is one of the few people that I really, really loathe.

Only in America is it polical to wear a mask to protect others and yourself from getting sick. This is why we are doing so bad with the corona compared to other countries. This mindset is absolutely stupid.

Taokaka is so adorable I love her

Some dude read the back of my Xtort shirt out loud and then said "I have no idea what that means"..I mean I didn't think you would know but nice for you to tell me that. I get so anxious wearing these shirts in public tbh but they are just so kool looking and it's one of my favorite bands so..

If ATR isn't on the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack, me no buying

The fact that Raverbashing is my most played song according to just shows how awful my music taste is lol

I miss playing blazblue tbh played that game all the time while in high school. I was a killer Rachel lol

Bought that Battle for Bikini Bottom Remake for Switch. I used to play the original all the time on the gamecube when it came out and this remake looks promising. Can't wait to try it out!!

I've been hearing about how TLOU2 is a mess and some sex scene that's in it and I just..honestly don't care? I never cared for the Last of Us in the first place. When it came out, I remember thinking that Bioshock Infinite was so much better and that game should of won game of the year instead of Last of Us. Now, I think Infinite is a disappointment lol

They should remake PMD Explorers of Time and Darkness too, I loved that one as much as the first one

Why is hot Dr Pepper with lemon actually good??? I expected it to be fucking disgusting.

Remembering the time where I wanted to get Lost Highway on DVD so I went to a local thrift shop and they only copy they had of it was extremely sticky, had questionable substances on it AND was $14. I didn't buy it

I woke up this morning and my screwdriver was spilled everywhere and school rumble was still on the tv. God I am pathetic lol

Dogma is one of the worst KMFDM songs and I will stand by that opinion until I die

Listened to the whole Herzeleid album today. While I don't like Rammstein nearly as much as I did when I was in high school, I still think the album is pretty decent. Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen and Laichzeit are absolute bangers

There are times where I just want to swerve my car into field when I am leaving from work tbh