Cyber's Rating :

Symbols is the tenth studio album and was released on on September 23, 1997 and like Xtort is one of their most popular albums. As a teen, I would always pick xtort as the better album of the two but recently I have been re-listening Symbols and now I think this is the better one.

Megalomanaic was the first song I heard from this album since it was in the credits of Mortal Kombat Annhilation and it stuck with me for a while so I guess I am pretty biased with this album lol. Anyway, I genuinely enjoyed all the songs on this album and like xtort, it was hard to pick just three songs. This soundtrack is also great to listen to while playing video games as well c:

Top 3: Leid und Elend, Mercy, Spit Sperm

Least Favorite: Torture