Super Secret Info

Name : [Redacted]

Nicknames : Cyber, Sparkle, Dumbass, Shaggy

Birthday : March 24, 1996

Place of Birth : Somewhere in Tennessee

Status : Taken

Hair : Black, messy and shoulder length

Eyes : Blue

Height : 6'4"

Weight : xxx lbs

Left or Right Handed : Right

Religion : Atheist

Favorite Season : Autumn

Favorite Month : October

Favorite Holiday : Halloween

Favorite Place You Been To : Universal Studios since they have a sweet sanrio store and I got a really cute purin plush there a while back

Favorite Music Genere(s) : Digital Hardcore, Big Beat, Trance, Shoegaze, Chillout, Acid House, Industrial, Trip-Hop, and Psychedelic

Favorite Color : Purple

Favorite Number : 0

Favorite Animal : Red Panda

Favorite Food : All sweets and lasagna

Favorite Drinks : Coke, Dr Pepper, Peach Tea, Green Tea, Snapple Apple and Lemonade

Favorite Alcoholic Drink(s) : Screwdriver, Long Island Iced Tea, Jack Daniels Downhome Punch and Sex on the Beach

Favorite Television Show : That 70s Show

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor : Birthday Cake

Favorite Cereal : Reeses Puffs

Favorite Movie(s) : Hackers, Lost Highway, Doom Generation, Kiki's Delivery Service, Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park, The Crow, Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker, Robocop, Star Wars Ep 1 (just for nostalgia), Blue Velvet

Have You Ever Kissed in the rain : Nah lol

Have You Ever Stripped for Somebody : Not telling

Have You Ever Skinny Dipped : Not telling again

Have You Ever Gone out with somebody because you felt sorry for them? : Nope

Have You Ever Lied to your boyfriend/girlfriend : Yeah, I told him that I didn't get him a thing just to surprise him with it

Have You Ever Cheated : Just on tests

Have You Ever lied badly to a friend : Yes and I am not proud of it

Have You Ever fallen in love : Plenty of times

Have You Ever done something you badly regret : I would name all of them but I will be here all day

Have You Ever gotten somebody in heaps of trouble to save yourself : Who hasn't at least once in their life

Have You Ever bought something you didnt even want : A handful of times

Have You Ever broken somebody's heart : Once in high school since I had to tell her I wasn't into girls, I still feel awful about it

Have You Ever had your heart broken badly : Oh god yes

Have You Ever been rejected : A couple of times yes

Have You Ever rejected somebody for shallow reasons : Not that I can think of

Have You Ever pretended you were friends with somebody you hated : Yeah when I was an asshole teenager

Do you have your licence : Yes

Do you own a car : Yeah it's not the best but it works so that's all that matters to me

Do you have any pets : Not atm but I have been thinking of getting a hamster lately

Do you have any siblings : A younger sister

Do you smoke : Just weed

Do you drink often : Yeah but I have been trying to cut down on it

Do you go clubbing : No I don't like going to those lol

Do you have one night stands : Lord no

Do you often lie : Nah

Do you swear : Yeah quite often lol

Do you have a job : Yes at [Redacted]

Do you have any bad qualities you'd like to change : Yeah, not to struggle with emotions so much and to not repeat myself a lot

Longest Relationship : My current one of 2 years

What's your natural hair color : Black

Do you wear contacts/glasses : No

Ever kissed a stranger : I couldn't bring myself to do that

Hardest time you've gone through in your life : Family rejecting me

Have you ever betrayed a friend : Yes and I regret it badly

Can you speak another language : I am working on french and japanese atm

Any Special Talents : Does Lucid Dreaming count? I can burp the alphabet after chugging a lot of dr pepper but I am not particularly proud of that one lol

5 things you'd love to do before you die : Go to Japan, finish my tamagotchi collection, get a Stocking nendoroid, go to Puroland and get a 5 star rating on my Animal Crossing island

Who was the last person you went to dinner with : My bf months ago before the covid pandemic

Do you get along with your parents : No unfortunately, I am a screw up in their eyes

Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you : The Undertaker

Person you'd consider to have the best relationship with : My bf and C

Do you go gym : No but I need to

Best and worst physical feature : Love my hair and hate how tall I am

Best and worst personality trait : I am very caring but I also worry a lot

Do you find it hard to be honest : At times yes because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings

Does your bedroom have a theme : Nah

Do you like taking pictures : I like taking pictures of nature

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be : Getting rid of the disorder I have

Ever been extremely jealous of somebody : Yeah sometimes

Ever wanted what you cant have : I could write a novel

Favourite perfume/cologne : Dior Homme

Favourite flower : Cherry Blossom

What country do you wish to visit most : Japan

Do you wish you could have a specific person back in your life : Yeah, I friend that I could of been a lot better to

Would you ever dye your hair red : Nah, I am set on purple

Can you draw : I can but I am not good at it

Last person you kissed : My bf

Last person who told you they cared for you/loved you : My bf again

Are you missing anybody : A lot of people because of covid

Do you have a crush on anyone : I did before they asked me out hehe

Dream job : I am satisfied where I am at now

Wish you were.. : A normal person

Last person that messaged/called you : C

What are you doing tomorrow : Work

Have a deep dark secret????? : I used to wear trench coats because I thought they were cool and scared a lot of people. I am sorry :'(

Time finished : 1:56 PM