Tamagotchis were offically released on November 23, 1996 in Japan and May 1, 1997 for the rest of the world and they were instantly a huge fad in the late 90's and early 2000's. I had the white and blue one when I was a kid and I was extremely obsessed with it. I always brought it to school with me and had it confiscated from me several times in class ^^". Ever since then, I have been fascinated with virtual pets especially tamagotchis. I love the designs of the toys, the cute characters, how addicting it can be to take care of one, and that the pet can change appearance depending on how well you take care of it. Around the time I turned 14, I developed the hobby of collecting tamagotchis, tamagotchi merch, and various other virtual pets. I, of course, started with the original tamagotchis. The original tamagotchis had two generations that had different creatures to take care of.

Gen 1

Blue and Yellow

This one only came out in Europe, I believe, so it was pretty hard to get. I believe I got this one from a friend a few years ago after he found one on the internet lol. I like to keep most of the foreign ones in the box since they are harder to get than the ones that came out in America.

Light Blue

Yet another one that never came to America (well they re-released it when they made the minis in 2018), but released in Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe. This one is honestly one of my favorite ones. I love the colors on it so much! For the longest time, getting this one was on my bucket list. (maybe too far?)


Like the light blue one, this one originally released in Japan and Hong Kong and was re-released in mini form in 2018. I always thought the banner on the top was cute!


This was the tamagotchi that I started my collection on. I remember I was looking everywhere for this one and I finally found it on eBay after days of looking. I just loved the colors and the clock design for it.

Clear Pink

This one is pretty much the exact same as the pink one, but even cooler. I have always been a sucker for anything translucent so this was a must have for me.

Pink Swirls

Finally one that was exclusive to the USA lol. This one is very similar to the white swirl pattern that came out in japan, which I have as well, but I think I like this one better because it's pink lol.


I like this one a lot too, a friend got this one for me a while back.