Cyber's Rating :1/2

Nihil is the eighth studio album and was released on April 4, 1995. Believe it or not, this is actually KMFDM's best selling album and Juke Joint Jezebel is the band's most widely-known song. Some people who have watched the Street Fighter 2 animated movie will probably remember hearing Ultra during Chun Li and Vega's fight as well!

Since my first introduction with the band was with Juke Joint Jezebel and that this was my first KMFDM album, this one is special to me. It gives me the most nostalgia out of all the albums and have so many memories with this one. While it's not a perfect 5/5 imo, I will still always love this one and still a classic.

Top 3: Ultra, Juke Joint Jezebel, Beast

Least Favorite: Disobedience