Cyber's Rating :

Money is the sixth studio album and was released on Febuary 1, 1992. This album was orginally going to be titled "Apart" with Sascha Konietzko and En Esch recording half of the album and the combining their work, but only Konietzko's work was used. This is, without a doubt, my all time favorite KMFDM album. It's a very underrated album and I wish more KMFDM fans would talk about this one.

The songs on this one have a "groovy" feel to it and huge factor to why I like it so much. I have seen some people complain about the remixes and I can understand their point, but I personally like them a lot. It's a timeless album to me and one that I can keep listening to without ever being bored of it.

Top 3: Bargeld, Sex on the Flag, Under Satan

Least Favorite: We Must Awaken