Lately I have been getting dizzy spells everytime I lay down, toss and turn while I am trying to find a good spot to sleep or when I get up..I doubt it's vertigo but whatever it is..it's super annoying.

A friend of mine also told me that he will be getting Animal Crossing for me as a gift tomorrow..I really don't deserve some people ;A;


Played GTA5 for the first time in forever and there are so many fucking kids playing this like..?? Where are their fucking parents lmao and most are screaming into their dollar store mics so that always helps the enjoyment of this game.

I want to go back to work already I can't take this shit anymore lol.


Found out that my pre-order of Doom Eternal is going to be late and I won't get it for another week. Well shiettt, I guess that will give me more time to finish Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

I want to get Animal Crossing as well but I am not in the best fiancial place right now so that will come later. I hope everyone is doing ok while all of this nonsense is going on.


I want to go back to work so bad. It is so boring here, wait no that's an understatement lol. My roomate is always out and I am here by myself playing games or binge-watching That 70's Show. Hopefully I can go back soon after this quarantine stuff goes away.

My birthday will be coming up and everything is quarantined so looks like I will be celebrating at home..haha..

oh and I got over 1000+ views on my website! Most of them was probably me fixing up my website but I am still happy ;';