Haven't used this in a while lol I have been using my personal dream journal instead. Something has been recurring in my dreams lately and I am pretty sure it is symbolizing something but I can't tell what it would mean. I am usually in a school building either a college or a high school and there is another building near the back of the school that has more classrooms in it. The buildings are always connected by a concrete path or a bridge. Anyway, I am always wanting to go to the other building because it has a vending machine that has snacks in it that the others don't. I mostly remember the hershey's cookies and cream candy bar. I either try to go over there but can't or mention of going there but don't. This damn vending machine has been in my dreams for the past week and for some reason I am always wanting to go to it. Is this just reminding me how much I love sweets or could it mean something more..?
Another thing that keeps popping up in my dreams is the movie The Doom Generation and I have no fucking idea why. I haven't watched in a while..maybe it's because I listen to the soundtrack every now and then. Most of the times it's just playing on a tv but other times I am watching it, going to a store and they have a whole section of merch of it (lmao the movie has no merch), or even looking for it. The movie is always warped in some way, having scenes in it that don't actually exist or even the "tone" of it being off. I'm just wondering why out of all movies, that's the one that won't leave me alone.


Besides a small episode of sleep paralysis, not much. A giant gelatin sculpture of pompompurin was towering over me and I was trying to get a picture of it. Well, it fell over and I was trying to eat it. Then I rented a movie but everyone told me it wasn't family friendly so I had to return it. Great stuff.


I kept drinking all of the water at my grandma's house. That's it. That's the dream. I think it's my body's way of telling me to drink more water and to stop drinking so much soda.


I dreamed about this last night so I am a little late to this but this dream honestly kinda creeped me out. I was at my grandma's house and on her porch was this creature that was half-human and half-dog. It looked like a really skinny poodle but had human features, its fur was grey and dulled out and it was extremely skinny (ok this just sounds stupid as I am typing it). Well, it was chained onto a chair and it was dying as something had beated it up and put it on her porch. It kept moaning and growling throughout the whole dream and scratched on the door when we were inside. One particular scene I remember was when we were in her house and all the lights were out and the creature was scratching on the door and could be heard walking around the house. I remember asking grandma if she had locked the doors and was too scared to check myself. Yeah, it wasn't much but it just..creeped me out.


So I pretty much had a dreamception last night. The first dream was about being at a concert with three singers and the audience just being the family and myself. The first two singers were not that great but everyone including myself was going crazy about them. The last singer for some godforsaken reason was Hannah Montana and while she did better than everyone else, we barely clapped for her and thought she was average. After that, I "woke up" and I was at my childhood church helping my parents with daycare. I kept mentioning scenes of the previous dreams and kept trying to contain my laughter, one of them being Billy Ray walking dramatically on the set of Imagination Movers (that show I was forced to watch with my cousin all those years ago). I mentioned that I never liked Hannah Montana but I loved how "colorful" the show was. Someone came to our room and told us to go upstairs because a concert was about to start. I was one of the the first ones to enter and I sat on the top row of pews where the choir would sit because Parappa the Rapper characters were sitting there. The concert was about to start and this man was welcoming the audience, facing us instead of the other audience. He went on about how awesome System Shock 2 was and that Debbie Harry was here and that Blondie was going to make new music, leading to everyone going apeshit.
Eventually, we had to move to the "real pews" that people would normally sit in at a church to watch the concert. I didn't pay any attention to it whatsoever but noticed that it was midnight and I was pissed off because I had to get up early and I wanted to sleep but was brought to this stupid concert. I kept laughing at how people in my other dream pronounced trumpet as "trumpeeete". After the concert, we went to a store and was absoutely bored until I saw sanrio merch. I was looking for merch of my favorite character, Pompompurin, but I couldn't find any at all..just hello kitty, my melody, keroppi..until I finally saw purin merch but it was for a photo opportunity and I couldn't take any with me. The dream ended there..I have honestly had weirder but..I just wish I could keep all of that purin merch ;3;
Oh and I took a nap and dreamed that I had a nail stuck in my foot..wonderful..