Bring Back Crystal Pepsi 2020

If I was able to chose a drink to make a permanent comeback, I would without a doubt choose Crystal Pepsi! Unfortunately, I wasn't around when it came out in 1992 and I missed out on it. :(

I remember hearing about it while I was in middle school searching up drinks that were discontinued and noticed how there was a really dedicated fanbase for it. I really wanted to try it as well as a soda being completely clear but tasting similar was very interesting to me.

My dream came true around 2016 when it was announced that they were going to re-release it and I was essatic that I would finally have a chance to try it. They even came out with a 90's style website for it and had a game that was like Organ Trail. I played it a lot and it was really fun. I recently tried to play it again on the wayback machine but I wasn't able to get it to load :(

I was finally abke to get some at a local dollar store where they had a stand for them and I remember I got several of them. I absolutely loved this drink to death!! It was a bit sweeter than regular pepsi but it was amazing. I always took one with me when I went to college and several of my classmates thought I was drinking water until one pointed it out that it was, in fact, not water but Crystal Pepsi haha.

I haven't had one since 2018ish and I would love for them to bring it back, even if it was just a month. Since it's been so long and I am mourning for the loss of my Crystal Pepsi, here are some kool gifs :-)